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Our Story

JM Addo and Sons Limited stands as one of the very few companies owned and managed by Ghanaian entrepreneurs which was set up in 1962, distributed pharmaceutical and consumer products through a central hub in the heart of Accra’s trading district called Okaishie.

As one of the few companies to thrive under all the political regimes in the country, post-colonialism till now. JM Addo and Sons Limited have transcended its fourth decade and serving the fifth with compelling and differentiated products. Still in business and waxing on stronger.

Likened to his great products, the business was built to last for the long term as leadership remains mission-driven and long-term focused; rather than being opportunistic and a short-termist.

As a consumer centric company, the driving force behind all product lines is to alleviate the “consumer pain”. This was apparent in his tenacity to import scarce pharmaceutical products into the country to feed the health sector in an era when pharmaceutical supplies were scarce in Ghana.

His love for family is unparalleled, this love could be seen in the design and choice of products as our mix bag of products has something unique for each member of the family.  

Our founders desire to ensure that subsequent generations are well (perhaps even better) equipped to build on what he had started and add value to that led to him giving his children some training about the business. In that respect, JM Addo & Sons Limited really became a business of JM Addo and his sons (and daughters) as he required each of his children to learn the fundamentals of trading and running a business under his tutelage.

With strategic succession planning, hard work and an entrepreneurial streak, a business that started in the early 1960s continues to thrive and has been passed on successfully from grandfather to children and now grandchildren just like our brands.

Thanks to such excellent on-the-job business coaching, Our founders son William Anum Addo has taken over the business and continues to run it in the forward direction.

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